Benefits of Cryotherapy

Glace Cryotherapy – Advanced Ice Therapy


Cryotherapy speeds recovery and reduces post-workout soreness


A session of Cryotherapy immediately after exercise has been proven to enhance muscular recovery by reducing the inflammation process.


Cryo is your ultimate weight-loss partner & wellness guru


When the outer layer of your skin is stimulated with extreme cold temperatures, your body responds by speeding up to literally “warm you up.”


Cryotherapy has an analgesic effect due to changes in the body


During Cryotherapy the nerve signal transmission is slowed. Reducing the amount of nerve signals getting to the brain may relieve pain.


Leave revitalized & watch your body transform after one session


Increased collagen production in the body results in improved skin, hair and nail health. Over time, the benefits will penetrate even deeper.

What To Expect When Visiting

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You will be pleased! Our beautiful Gla·cé Cryotherapy facility in Las Vegas will be inviting and relaxing! After being greeted, some general information and waiver need to be completed before using the facility. You will then be given instructions, socks, slippers, gloves and a robe, and shown to a changing room. Once your protective clothing is on, you will be escorted to the cryo room and more instructions will be given. Privacy is very important to us! We will only see your face, the rest of your body will be in the cryosauna. One of our certified operators will be attending you during your session. Music is playing, lights are dim, conversation makes the time fly and you instantly feel the effects of the cryosauna. After 2-3 minutes you will step out and feel the endorphin rush!

During each session the body releases endorphins which are hormones that make you feel good and energetic. The effects from each session last at least 6-8 hours, but as with any therapy, the more sessions, the better the results. We recommend a month of consistent cryosauna sessions and then maintenance as needed. Consistent use of the cryosauna can extend the benefits for greater lengths of time. Decreased inflammation is experienced. Clients suffering from pain in general will experience relief almost immediately. Cryosauna sessions will also increase your metabolic rate, burning 500-800 calories that day. Whole body cryotherapy used on a regular basis can help your body reset it’s metabolism.

If you’re ready to start benefiting from cryotherapy please feel free to contact us or book your next appointment.

Dress Code

The dress code during treatment is minimal, as maximum skin exposure to the cold air is desired. Gla·cé Cryotherapy requires the following items be worn during treatment:

  • Robe – provided (removed during treatment)

  • Socks – provided

  • Slippers – provided

  • Gloves – provided

  • Underwear – (bottoms required for men)

  • Sports Bra – (women, optional)

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