Light Therapy

Light therapy uses specific wavelengths to help benefit users in different ways. Each wavelength provide unique benefits to users. Try light therapy in Las Vegas at Glace Cryotherapy.

Light Therapy Benefits

Light therapy is a way to treat and minimize certain mood conditions and help improve the moods of those even without mood challenges. by exposure to shorter Light therapy is most known for reducing aging effects of skin, reducing acne, treating cancer, and reducing depression. Book a time or call to learn more!

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Reduces Acne

Light therapy is a type of light therapy commonly used to address acne breakouts. Light therapy also helps condition your skin. The treatment also has anti-inflammatory benefits which minimzes other effects of acne like redness.

Reduces Skin Aging

Experts say that light theapy can help with issues such as skin conditions, scarring, and signs of aging — including wrinkles and age spots. We’ve heard our clients discuss the subtle but noticable positive difference it made in appearance to their skin over time. Book a time today to see what it can do for your skin!

Improves Happiness Levels

sit or stand close to lights for a few minutes and thewavelengths of the lights impact how your cells produce energy and In turn, this helps heal bones, nerves, skin, etc. The same goes for depression and other mood challenges that some may have. Book a time with us today!

‘’I tend to break out pretty badly on my monthly and I tried one session so far and I could tell that it made a difference in my face. It felt lighter and more youthful and I’m probably going to be coming back for a monthly touch up’’

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