Local Cryotherapy

Local cryotherapy usually a local area treatment only needs to last for about 5-8 minutes. it’s commonly used to reduce pain, inflammation, and swelling in targeted areas. Clients will often use this solution alongside Whole Body Cryotherapy to treat areas of inflammation, pain, or swelling.

Local Cryotherapy

Benefits that come from using local cryotherapy can be compounded with the use of whole body prior to local cryotherapy. One of the common reasons people come to get cryotherapy treatments done is for a faster recovery time between workouts or other high intensity training of any sort. The other reasons usually fall underneath or alongside reducing pain in areas and improving joint functionality where the treatment is done. So overall, here are the benefits you’ll see from using local cryotherapy.

  • Reduced Pain and Swelling

  • More efficient than other cooling methods

  • Pain Management

  • Numbing pinched or irritated nerves

  • Rapid Recovery times after injuries or medical procedures

  • Maximized joint functionality

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Numbing Nerves

The cold can actually numb agitated nerves. Athletes and many others use cryotherapy as a way to minimize the feeling of pinched nerves and other medical conditions that are permanent or best left untouched.

Pain Management

Localized Cryotherapy effectively reduces muscle and/or  joint injury in a very specific area.  It releives pain at a high rate and reduces the time that you have to be recovering from injuries or surgeries. Relieve pain. Reduce inflammation.

Maximized Joint Functionality

Maximizing your joint functionality is important especially when getting older so you’re able to stay active. Our joints are something that we want to ensure are taken care of throughout our life but we sometimes don’t notice how important they are to our daily life until we start feeling them negatively impacting our lives on a day to day basis.

‘’Amazing results in 3 days all the discomfort I had That was from my hip down to my ankle and it all went away in three days! I do it now and it’s a part of my life because if I don’t do it, I feel the pain coming back. SO I KNOW this stuff works!!’’ – Kenny White

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