Whole Body Cryotherapy

Whole Body Cryotherapy is a process that exposes the body to a variety of low air temperatures for short amounts of time that vary depending on the objective of the light therapy session. Light therapy has many known benefits that are documented by experienced dermatologists some of which we’ll be discussing here below. There are no known negative side effects and this seems to continue to be backed by the increases in popularity with no sign of slowing down.

Full Body Cryotherapy Benefits

Full Body Cryotherapy is one of our most popular and top selling form of thetherapy. If you haven’t seen or read about Whole body cryotherapy you can read about it more here. You’ll likely be amazed at the functions and benefits using whole body cryotherapy. Hope to see you here! Whole-body cryotherapy significantly reduces pain in people with arthritis and other medical issues. It also known to help with achieving a faster recovery from workouts or other high intensity  training of any sort.

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Reduces Migraine Symptoms

Cryotherapy can help with migraines by numbing nerves around the neck. One study found that a cold compresses placed on the carotid arteries in the neck area Cryotherapy can help treat migraines by cooling and numbing nerves in the neck area.  The carotid arteries are close to the skin’s surface and accessible. This improves whole body cryotherapies ability to be effective.

Treats Mood Disorders

The seriously low temperatures used during whole-body cryotherapy causes physiological hormonal responses. This includes the release of adrenaline, noradrenaline, and endorphins. This can have a positive effect on those experiencing mood disorders like anxiety and depression. One study found that whole-body cryotherapy was actually effective in short-term treatment for both.

Numbing Nerves

The cold can actually numb agitated nerves. Athletes and many others use cryotherapy as a way to minimize the feeling of pinched nerves and other medical conditions that are permanent or best left untouched.

‘’I would definitely recommend cryotherapy to everybody and I actually tell my friends and family about the benefits of the cold and once they try it, they fall in love with it and they keep coming back like I do at least two or three times a week’’

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